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I was a little quick on the trigger. Got the wrong impression, sorry. I got all my...
Wickedgame   2015-11-10
@swtor are you german so i can add you in skype for a call?
xKekZi   2015-10-29
For my second order I waited over 24h for delivery before contacting support. Anna...
gralnok   2014-11-03
Recieved 2plat less than I ordered and they consider it completed! I dont!
melliah   2014-08-01
Fast and good service.
ninpo2014   2014-07-06

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wildstar gold

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Delivery Method:

we will deliver wildstar gold by mailbox.we mail to your char

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We Guarantee the full and as-described deliverly or your money back.

We Guarantee your payment security.

We Guarantee your trade information privacy.

WildStar is an upcoming fantasy/science fiction MMORPG developped by  Carbine Studios. wildstar have stylized cartoon-ish look.i like this look.Carbine Studios is a video game developer and subsidiary of NCSOFT, founded in 2005 by former members of Blizzard Entertainment

this wildstar world happened in planet of Nexus.Explorers, Soldiers, Scientists, and Settlers are coming to the new planet  now.

Carbine Studios already create a successful MMO.but there are still a long road to keep success.wildstar have a system called CREDD,it is like EVE Online's PLEX.what is EVE Online's PLEX?EVE Online's PLEX is the game time you can buy with real money.EVE Online's PLEX can also be changed into this means that you buy wildstar gold from offical shop. wildstar don't have a monthly you need pay a lot of money when you play much.

how to make wildstar gold fast?

you need use the auction house and the Commodity Exchange.

The Commodity Exchange is unique in that when a player wants to buy a particular commodity, they will only be able to buy that commodity at the lowest currently offered price, with no awareness of who’s actually selling it. Once the stock of that commodity at that price is gone, players will then be able to buy from the available stock at the next lowest price

if you are smart enough,you can make good profit from the ah or the cx,you need know how much certain things sell for to the vendor


if you want to level fast,you need face the Challenges.the Challenges stop you level fast.but Challenges  can help you earn a lot of wildstar platinum.they may take some time .but it is worth for your gold making guide.

don't repair your wil waste a lot of wildstar will get the upgrade from every quest.if you upgrade every quest. all of your money will lost.if you are not level 50.but gear from the ah is also a waste. it is useless.when you are want some top armor and can buy them from the auction house is no.1 blade and soul gold seller,trade by cross server dungeon lobby or auction house or face to face trade,never get banned.

mmocake payment method

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