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A little slow but if you get into Online Chat Linda is good.
Mekutataki   2017-09-15
Real good website, got my money in a while, no problemos :) mbe a little longer wa...
BillCosby   2017-06-07
Decent speed, good customer service too.
Mekutataki   2017-05-04
Linda was very helpful. Low prices as well. Thanks. For other customers who don'...
191188   2017-03-01
order received after some time and confusion
lain2501   2016-10-18
Got my gil in a nice timely fashion. Linda was very helpful with tracking my orde...
Happyhowie123   2016-09-11
Face to face or mail... I have ordered several times now with most of my purchases...
Jones123   2016-04-11
Transaction was smooth and fast. Will definitely hear from me again
cakeandbake   2015-10-28

Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold. All gold offered on mmocake is legit.

ffxiv gil

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Order No. 2018***12512345Delivery Time:18 Mins
Order No. 2018***10303675Delivery Time:11 Mins
Order No. 2018***09000145Delivery Time:8 Mins
Order No. 2018***00340567Delivery Time:14 Mins
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 final fantasy xiv gil 100% Safe Guarantee

Making each trade natural
1. We never store your information or correspondence in each transaction.
2. We use VPN / Proxy to login our accounts and make transactions.
3. We only use dynamic VPN / Proxy. (IP changes all the time.)
4. We constantly use different accounts in each hour to make transactions.
5. We have strict sending amount limits on each sending accounts.
6. We have even more policies suggested by our community.
Keeping Each Trade Safe! (Further 5 Approaches)
1. Source of gold supply changes constantly.
2. 3-7 days of in-stock time to avoid tracking.
3. All sources of gold supply confirmed to be legitimate and manual.
4. 80% of contracted suppliers are ffxiv fanatics.
5. enough ffxiv gil stock all the time. Fast deliveries made by 6 teams 24/7 by shifts



Feedback from our cutomers:

i bought from mmocake this time,it is much slower than what I was used to.last time i bought 5000k ffxiv gil,i got in 5 mins.but this time it take  30 is not good.but i  can understand.because mmocake have so big it make the job harder.mmocake need process so many ffxiv gil orders.when they can not deliver gold.they will refund asap

i have been a faith mmocake customer for several years. i would like to check stock before i buy ffxiv on mmocake.they always deliver fast.i just bought 2000k ffxiv it in 5 is really fast.if sometimes you don't need after you can also ask for a refund.

I love ffxiv. No PK in game.

i am a dude who love peace. the online games in the market is  too misappropriating too violent, if you spend more money in the game or you have better equipp,you can kill other people so easy. Children are getting bad too. But Some games may also encourage players to misappropriating kill in the game. Especially that shiYuzhu. There is no justice. the national cultural sector should control this.

Want to talk about FF14, because of the environment in real life, i don't play  the Final Fantasy series of games much, but played at a small netbar in the stand-alone previously , so i can not represent the Final Fantasy series of games real fans reviews. So I only talk about my personal review. at least FF14 is the only game I want to play this year, even if i can not get the test code, I will go to buy a cd key , no matter how much it cost. is no.1 blade and soul gold seller,trade by cross server dungeon lobby or auction house or face to face trade,never get banned.

mmocake payment method

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