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eqn platinum

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They say that it's a safe delivery method I.E face to face or auction house..but when I last logged into the game I had received an email from a player with the title '1000' which would indicate 1000 gold right? as it is possible to send everquest next platinum through emails..however there wasn't any gold in the email...if there was gold inside the email...sending an email with gold inside it isn't a safe delivery method as emails are checked and it threatens my accounts safety.

Anyway, I've not received what I paid for and I purely chose your service because of the way you described it but I honestly wish I had read the bad feedback on your website before doing so..the feedback really goes against that 'latest' trade log that you show on your website.

I've been waiting for a while now...You can help me by sending the eqn platinum through ingame email to an account called punkhazard as i don't use it and then i'll safely transfer it to a different ingame account I'm assuming we are in different time zones and you'll be asleep when i'm awake tomorrow so I don't want to wait for a face to face trade..or I'd really like a refund.

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