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eos gold

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Echo of Soul is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game developed by Korean game developer Nvius and published in North America and Europe by Aeria Games.we also call Echo of Soul as eos online, is the best eos gold seller in the market.we can deliver echo of soul gold in 15 will never get banned.

Echo of Soul is developed by the greatest mmorpg lineage 2 core member,this game full of rich visuals, an epic soundtrack, and a vast and detailed landscape.echo of souls already won the "Best MMORPG 2014" award at the Thailand Game Show Festival.this game will be the next generate mmorpg,it will be better than world of warcraft.

Echo of Soul have 4 soul kills,Hope, Innocence, Courage and Peace.every skill can trigger a powerful buff during battle.if you have collected many souls and kill many enemie,you will become very powerful in the will get big can earn more echo of soul gold.

where do you get the soul?you need get the soul from fallen creature,you will need to purify it in one of the Soul Sanctums or with another player to transform it into a beneficial source of power for your quest.

Echo of Soul is a standard theme park MMO where you have to progress in a fixed path. You can't move to new area without reaching certain level because you won't be able to receive those quests. To level up fast in a theme park MMO isn't difficult, as long as you do what is necessary to be done. is no.1 blade and soul gold seller,trade by cross server dungeon lobby or auction house or face to face trade,never get banned.

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