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concern this purchase if you cant send me my gold for that game can you change...
baliscus   2016-05-20
Thanks !
TomyStark   2015-11-29

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eloa gold

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what is ELOA?

ELOA is an action based mmorpg,it have an an isometric view for your game is a realy good hack and slash MMORPG.there are 5 different classes that you can choose,each class has its own feature.and each class have 3 combat can switch between those stances because of the eloa's best gameplay mode.each stance offer a different playstyle.eloa world is open for can party with your friends in game,or you can use the party find system to look for a good party to play with.there is also have pet system you can play.

ELOA Gold is very hard to farm in eloa,it will take you a lot of time to farm it,you need have a high level to farm.i would not suggest spend too much time on farming ELOA is very cheap to just buy eloa gold from our site, is no.1 eloa gold service provider,you can get it in 15 min,and you will never get banned.

you only have 40 free slots in eloa,this is not enough,because there are too many items you need loot when you you dont need free slots to carry your items and armor,you can use 2 eloa gold to buy inventory expansion.just pay the fee then you can get extra free 8 slots for inventory

pet system is the best system i see in eloa game,i love this pet system.

There are a variety of pets available in ELOA. Just like weapons and armor, there are 5 rarities of pets  Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique, Legendary

you can get pets from eggs,but where to get those eggs?you can get it by killing the mobs in all over the world.they are dropped in the can also buy eggs from the merchants,you can also get eggs from the rewards package.different egg types will results in different pet types.'Spore Egg' will spawn one of the many spore pets. there are many kinds of pets in eloa game,so just find it.then you can train pets as many as you can.have a strong pet can help farm ELOA Gold more quickly.

so how to grow your pet?

To grow a pet and level it up, you must sacrifice other pets to it. Open your pet tab(default 'L') and click 'Grow'. Put the pet you would like to grow in the main slot, and any sacrificial pets in the 'Growth ingredients' slots. The higher level and rarity the sacrificial pet is, the more experience it will offer to the growing pet.

As a pet grows, it will gain stronger passive skills.when your pet get stronger,it will have big damage and attack,it will help you kill more monsters,it will help you win in pvp,quests,and dungeon raids. is no.1 blade and soul gold seller,trade by cross server dungeon lobby or auction house or face to face trade,never get banned.

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