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dragomonhunter gold

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where to farm dragomon hunter gold?

you can get dragomon hunter gold by crafting in game.crafting include forging gear, increasing gear percent, star evolution and dragocite transformations.

Crafting is the ability to create more powerful weapons with the resources you have collected.Upgrading is the ability to increase the power of your weapon.

Start Craft and Upgrade by talking to Npc Casting Division and selecting the type of Craft or Upgrade. There are four sections: building equipment , smelting equipment , improve equipment , invert Drag Jade.

another method to farm dragomon hunter gold is farming  Materials,you can get  Materials by kill monsters and loot from can also change it to Dragomon Points.

i farm Materials for cooking and leveling up for dragomon,doing quests is really another good idea to make tons of dragomon hunter gold.Especially the Bounty quests.

you can get many good drops in quests,all you to do is loot items from them,then sell it in the auction can also check the faction shops.they have very good gear to level.

each faction have 500g order to get more gold,you need reach high level like 40+.then you can go to high level dungeons.Farm antique chests using loot charms in lvl45+

dungeons and mobs is also good. is no.1 blade and soul gold seller,trade by cross server dungeon lobby or auction house or face to face trade,never get banned.


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