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devilian gold

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Devilian Online is a diablo 3 style is action based free to play mmorpg dont need pay any money to play this game.but you can spend some money on in game shop for game items.this game was launched by Entertainment NHN In Korea.trion worlds published the devilian online NA EU version.this game have dungeons can choose difficulty before you join the dungeon,you can choos easy normal or hard mode.Devilian features a shared open world, allowing thousands of players to interact, fight, and explore together.

Devilian Online have great pvp system,it have 3v3, 6v6, and 20v20 Challenge mode,you can battle with your guild mate,they also have a leaderboard.leaderboard can track your pvp rank.go to battle other players and dominate the leaderboard.Eloa online also have Challenge leaderboard.eloa is also action based mmorpg game.those 2 games are similar.

Devilian online have 4 different classes,Shadowhunter EVOKER CANNONEER BERSERKER. each class have 3 skill can customize your own combat skill.

The Berserker is a battle-hardened warrior who wades into the thick of battle with a pair of massive blades and lays waste to all who dare challenge him. the Berserker thrives in battle.

The Berserker specializes in melee combat with his two swords. He can quickly close the gap between him and his enemies using special leap abilities, swing his weapons around his body in an area-of-effect (AoE) attack when surrounded, and demoralize his enemies with a howling taunt.

the Cannoneer is a miniature maelstrom, ready to dole out destruction on a massive scale. The Cannoneer is a fast paced, action heavy class with a lot of emphasis on movement and mouse control. In the right hands she has all the tools capable of beating the most powerful foes.

Scorching fireballs, lighting storms, piercing icicles – she commands all of them and more with a wave of the hand. Devastate enemies with elemental firepower or bend time and space to control the field of battle. Feared and respected for her magical prowess, the Evoker is capable of manipulating the elements to any ends she desires, from unleashing bolts of chained lightening to scorching the land with firestorms.

the Shadowhunter strikes fear into the heart of humans and devils alike. He is a versatile combatant, and his powerful arsenal of bladed whips, shuriken, and shadow magic allow him to adapt to a variety of situations. The Shadowhunter is a whip and shuriken wielding class with an emphasis on fast, reactive movement. Wielding a whip, the Shadowhunter can strike nearly any foe on the screen both at short and long range, while his Shadow abilities allow him to take on stealthy roles in combat where his strategy shifts to positioning and high-damage dealing abilities.

there are too many Devilian gold spammer in game to stop them?

pls make that you need level 20 to spam in zone chat,or level 25 to trade and use ah,ban their Devilian bots,so it is very hard for them to get level 20.Devilian gold farmers can not hire a people to level account to level 20 every day,it is really tired.and this will also increase their spam cost,they will give up spam finallly.Devilian suggest that you can report and block them in zone chat,but this dont help at all.Devilian gold farmers can create new free account again and again,they can create 1000+ free accounts every day.and report spammers have a time delay.Devilian team can not ban their account one account can spam some report them is useless. is no.1 blade and soul gold seller,trade by cross server dungeon lobby or auction house or face to face trade,never get banned.



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