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Really good chat. Thank you Linda for your help. Reliable and fast delivery. I'm ...
Aledeavollo1975   2016-04-27
Hi It s a little bit hard to comunicate by chat so i need to receive my order 201...
Aledeavollo1975   2016-04-27
skibaby35   2016-04-23
Thank you so much I've got resources
Dilios   2016-04-08

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clashofkings package

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pls feel free to contact us for cok resources questions via live chat


we will help you how to order and how to deliver in live chat


you can also ask me for custom resources package.


Please enter your Kingdom information in the extra information for fast Delivery.

Castle Coordinate - X,Y:
Lord Nickname:

we have cok resources wood food iron in most kingdoms,you dont need wait 36 hours kingdom transfer time,just come to live chat to tell me what you need,then order one package,then i will fly next to your kingdom get those resources by attack my castle.make sure your lord need high power,so you can get resources quickly.if your power is too slow,you need take long time to get all resources.

we also have many good clash of kings items for sale

Advanced Teleport

Dragon Coins

3 day Peace Shield

30 Day VIP

8 Hour Speedup

clash of kings wood food iron is very important for cok players,when you upgrade the castle, you need a lot of resources,for example,when you upgrade castle to level 20,you will need 20m wood + 20m food + 2m iron,those resources need too much time to need have many farm castles to farm 24 hours per day.and before you can upgrade the castle,other players will attack you,then you lost all cok resources.this is really upset, i think it is a good idea to just buy cok resources from our site,it save your time a lot,and it is very dont need to get attacked by other players before you can hold those much resources.

As starters, food seems infinite, players tend to worry less about food since you are most likely be able to afford it. But as you continue and grew stronger, you'll realise the importance of food as well as wood, iron and mithril. so if you dont have enough money to buy clash of kings resources,what can you do?

you need train your lord skills.If you want to save time put 5 points in combat skills to increase troop load, 16 points in support to increase training capacity, and the rest in develop. This will help you get your troops up faster. Once you have all the troops you need, reset your lord skills and put 5 points in combat and put all the rest in develop. You may need to get honor to buy a reset lord skills from the alliance store.

and do some research,Legion II is the most important science. Other good sciences are medical facility and all the resource sciences. There is no need to research military sciences in a farm castle. Research whatever you want. Don’t spend too much time deciding what you want to research. Just pick something useful and move on. is no.1 blade and soul gold seller,trade by cross server dungeon lobby or auction house or face to face trade,never get banned.

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