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clashofclans gold

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clash of clans gold power leveling

what is coc gold?how it can be used?

coc gold is a resource that is dug up by gold mines. Once collected it is stored in your gold storages. The amount of gold you have is displayed at the top right side of the screen. Gold is used to build and upgrade defensive buildings, traps, elixir collectors, elixir storages and walls. It is also used to place national flag decorations.

you can collect coc gold from the gold mine,it collects from an unlimited underground reserve ,and then you can store your gold to Gold Storage. all your gold is stored on Gold Storage,other players can attack it and get your loot,you need upgrade the Gold Storage to increase its capacity and durability. you need collect the gold mine at some time,or it will be full,then dont make any more is like clash of kings,you need collect the gold mine in 1 hour.the gold mine can be raided by other players,so you need protect it.

i will show you how to protect your gold mine

i would suggest put your gold mine out side the walls,so it will looks like Barbarians and need collect your resources fast,if you have too many resources uncollected ,other players will see that,and attack you,then can steal 50% of all clash of clans gold and elixir .if your goldmine is being upgraded,other players can attack it,but they can not get your resources,because it is in protected state this time.walls are a good place to protect your resources,when you go to farm clash of clans gold,you need put all your resources into the walls,then other players can not loot your resources.

other players who attack you can get less gold if your gold Storage have high level,your gold Storage building have higher health,this players get less gold,so you need upgrade your gold Storage to high level to protect your resources,also if you Storage have high health,the player need more time to destroy it,so you have enough time to defeat those players,you can take enough time to kill they can not steal a lot of gold.

how to attack other player's clash of clans gold mine?

Pay careful attention to the location of Gold Mines when planning your attack, as Gold Mines are usually only marginally protected and can be quite lucrative, especially at high levels. Many times a single Archer can be placed in such a way that it can destroy a Gold Mine while standing clear of any defenses.

 clash of clans Elixir power leveling

what is coc Elixir ?how it can be used?

Elixir is a resource that is collected by elixir collectors. Once collected it is stored in your elixir storages. The amount of elixir you have is displayed at the top right side of the screen under gold. Elixir is used for purchasing and upgrading troops, army buildings, dark elixir storages, dark elixir drills, gold mines and gold storages. It is also used to place many decorations.

Elixir is pumped from the Ley Lines coursing underneath your village. Upgrade your Elixir Collectors to maximize elixir production.


Town Hall Levels—Loot Multiplier
Town Hall Level Difference Percentage of Loot Available
Same or higher level 100%
1 level lower 90%
2 levels lower 50%
3 levels lower 25%
4 or more levels lower 5%


you know clash of clans Elixir is very hard to making in coc, you need save all your Elixir in The Elixir Storage ,you can store max 2M Elixir in maximum-level storage ,if your Elixir Storages are full,you can not store more Elixir again,every thing you loot from raids will not go to Elixir storage,but it will increase your Elixir Escapade achievement.other players can attack you to get Elixir,but how many Elixir they can get from the attack?it depend your Town Hall level.

you need protect your elixir to not get attakced,so you need calculate training cost/housing space ratio






 clash of clans Walls Powerleveling

COC Walls are great for keeping your village safe and your enemies in the line of fire.YOU can use coc walls to protect coc gold and coc Elixir not get attacked,it is like china great wall,china great wall protect china people,coc walls,can keep your army safe and resource also provide coc walls power leveling service.

wall placement is very hard in coc,it cause good defence if you have good coc wall placement,you need take a lot of time to design your wall,walls can make a big damage to attack enemies.if your wall constructe is not good,the effectiveness of Walls will be lowered,so this game need a lot of good idea,you need use out your brain to design a good wall placement,if your design is not good,enemy troops will simply walk through the broken area is no.1 blade and soul gold seller,trade by cross server dungeon lobby or auction house or face to face trade,never get banned.

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