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Thanks Anna for quick support. Got my gold fast.
laharl8   2014-09-28
Hello, My name is Malach. I have recieved 50Mil Gold in C9 in less than 2 hours...
Malachoni   2014-09-12
that was really fast. thanks gonna order again!
bongprince90   2014-08-23

Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold. All gold offered on mmocake is legit.

c9 gold

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Order No. 2017***12512345Delivery Time:18 Mins
Order No. 2017***10303675Delivery Time:11 Mins
Order No. 2017***09000145Delivery Time:8 Mins
Order No. 2017***00340567Delivery Time:14 Mins
Order No. 2017***11300786Delivery Time:12 Mins
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Order No. 2017***09544367Delivery Time:7 Mins

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we will deliver c9 gold by mailbox.we mail to your char

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i want to say that i got the c9 gold in little no time at all.the delivery speed reallly make me surprise.i also like their cheap c9 gold is almost the cheapest price in the market now.i also recommend to my friends.some friends was nervous if mmocake is scammer at first.but i tell them to go not only get the money,you also enjoy the good customer support.thank you

C9 is " Continent of the Ninth ", referred to C9. Is a full 3D action massively multiplayer online role-playing game. it is developed by NHN Games from 2006 year. South Korean game big business NHN's game portal site HANGAME signed C9, and open the official C9 website talk about the game content on October 24, 2009 . excellent Game UI, with a game system can experience variety of actions , smart AI monsters, as well as interaction with the various role players.C9 is for the action rpg fans,also has impressive features for everyone.

there are 5 classes in c9 online.Fighter, Hunter, Shaman, Witchblade and Mystic.each class have different can choose your favoriate favoriate class is can change your class to specialized one if you already get a high level

Fighters are melee warriors who use various weapons and shields to attack and bash their enemies

Hunters stalk their prey before attacking them from a distance. Their weapons include daggers to quickly dispatch enemies that get too close, and bows to deal devastating attacks from far away.

Shamans resemble the priest class in other games, but shamans in C9 can attack enemies using magic or a magic staff, which doubles as a weapon

Witchblades are natives to Blaine's Shalidi, once the gathering place of the gods, an area imbued with the mysterious powers of ancient deities.

The Mystic is a holy warrior, part of a mysterious group of chosen heroines blessed by the divine goddess Akene. is no.1 blade and soul gold seller,trade by cross server dungeon lobby or auction house or face to face trade,never get banned.

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