Best Dynasty Warriors Review

best dynasty warriors game

This Best Dynasty Warriors game review is about the online game. As a long time, Warrior fan, I have never gotten tired of the series. I remember when I was a kid my favorite game was the first one, I played. That one had the same concept and feel as the ones we have today. But it was a game that had never been on the internet before, so what did I think?

I played the game for what seemed like an eternity, which is about four hours at the very most. The cool part of the game is you are in command of the whole battlefield. You have to recruit warriors, train them, use items, and fight enemies. It is one of the more interesting game modes that really doesn’t get much attention, but it does a great job at it. And considering it is free, I’m sure many more people will be interested in it as well.

The game puts you in the command of a faction of Dynasty Warriors. Your mission is to defeat your enemies and save the world from the evil emperor. Unlike most other games where you’re just defending castles and collecting gold, in this game there is a real threat to your life if you do not do what you should. There are enemies all around you and they are very advanced.

As you battle it out the screen will tell you of your success or failure. At the end of each level you will be rewarded with gold, experience, and items. The levels are not the greatest, but they do provide a nice way to start out. As I mentioned there are five levels in all. When you complete the fifth level, you will be told it was one of your best attempts. They have never disappointed me in the five years I’ve been playing.

The best feature of the game is controlling your own troop. In each level you will have a group of warriors, you can choose to follow or fight against. It is a great way to help them bond with one another. If you are playing on online it is even easier since you can create a family of warriors and play together.

This game is a fast paced action sport with many levels and weapons available for you to buy. There are three difficulty settings, which allow you to increase the challenge as you play. If you enjoy Dynasty Warriors and like fast action then this is one game you absolutely must play. The best place to find out more about this exciting new game is from our Dynasty Warriors 2 review.

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