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Fast delivery.
Hreimr   2014-11-22
Got my order in an hour. Can't complain.
dOzerr   2014-11-22
perfect and quick, like 5 min.
mixiir   2014-11-19
Took few hours,but it is safe an clean. Thanks
Kinichajaw   2014-11-06
Bought 1M AD for neverwinter and got it safely. Took few hours but overall satisfi...
Purush   2014-11-05
This is a good service so if you are a bit pushy then go else where !
Jeffrigby43   2014-11-05
Thumbs up for delivery - completed within a few hours. Though thumbs down for on...
Hreimr   2014-11-04
For my second order I waited over 24h for delivery before contacting support. Anna...
gralnok   2014-11-03
Nice job finally got it
Lancer7474   2014-11-03
quick delivery - helpful ppl on live help
phalen   2014-11-01
Why Buy From MMOCAKE
Who is

mmocake is made up of professional game players,all of us are expert at farming wow gold.

but there are many low-quality and high banning rate sites in the market,so we decide to change the whole RMT market. we want to provide you fast delivery,no ban gold selling service.mmocake will create a new mmorpg currency service standard. mmocake is not only a mmorpg game gold shop,it is also your game friends.we are your forever friends.



"Quality for Customers" - Quality service is the top 1 in mmocake. Customer is always the god in our company.


MMOCAKE PlayerGuardian Buyer Protections :

1.We use VPN / Proxy to hide our real ip address when trading wow gold,this vpn uses dynamic ip,so ip changes all the blizzard can not catch the trade.


2.We change accounts every hour to make gold trade.we have 1000+ wow accounts,so we can use a lot of accounts to trade.use different accounts in each trade is really safe for you.


3.Allsources of gold supply is legitimate and manual.we only choose reliable wow gold supplier as our gold service partner.we always check if they use bot before choose them as our partner.Bot is not allowed in,we only use legit gold farmers.All gold is farmed by hand.don't use illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold,you will get banned.


4.Never return your gold to anyone after you got the gold.some scammers in game spam to every player in stormwind or org bank,they claim to be,and threat you,they say if you don't return the gold back,you will get banned.also said return the gold,i will give you more bonus.don't trust those scammers,never never never return the wow gold back to anyone.


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Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold. All gold offered on mmocake is legit.